Spray Tan Prices

   Spray Tan



   Glow and setting powder  

  Pre-Tanning Preparation 

   * PLEASE for best results make sure you follow these steps :-

  * One week before tanning, please exfoliate regularly, moisturise your skin daily, ensure you are fully hydrated

  *​ Shower 6 -12 hours before 

   * Shave (with a new razor) and wash before and after shaving to remove any residue from the gel strip or shaving         foam

   * Exfoliate, ideally with a mitt/glove, 12 hours prior to your tan

   * You can apply moisturiser before your tan if you have any dry areas but must be oil free based and light

  * Waxing must be done 48 hours before tanning

   * DON'T use any Dove products 48 hours prior to your tan or anything super-moisturising or oil based as it will             cause a barrier to your tan

  * Remove make-up, deodorant and perfume before your appointment

  * Wear whatever you are comfortable in to be sprayed but it must be dark loose clothing


   Post-Tanning Aftercare


  * Wear loose dark clothing and flip flops (if needed). NO socks, slippers or boots!

  * Recommended to sleep in loose dark long trousers and long sleeved tops to avoid touching your skin

  * Avoid sweating and water until recommended time. Will be advised on appointment (2 hours to overnight)

  * First shower, rinse thoroughly only with water to remove all the bronze coating. Don't use soaps and no shaving!        (You can shave lightly under your arms with a new razor)

  * NO weeing in the shower as this will strip and cause streaking

  * When drying, pat dry lightly, no rubbing 

  * Moisturise regularly to prolong your tan with non oil based moisturiser and keep hydrated

  *If you have had a rapid tan, do not moisturise until after your first shower, as your tan is still developing

  * At a later date, when shaving, always use a new razor with hair conditioner and not shaving gel and be as             gentle as possible as this will fade your tan


  *Cancellation policy: 48 hours notice is required. If less than 48 hours is given, I reserve the right to charge 50% of      the original fee.